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DAMN!!! Those titties are fucking gigantic...and definitely just may be the biggest titties in all of XXX. And from this trailer we can tell that she enjoys the art of fellatio, and that those titties simply won't be restrained. As you saw from the repeated attempts to hold the titties during the titty fuck. You can't contain O cups, don't care how hard you try.

So with DivineBreasts.com, BustyBabyDolls.com, and now BBWHighway.com under her bra Titz Galure is making good moves at this stage in her early career. She's starting to blow. We will definitely be watching. Ready to see her XXX debut on BustyBabyDolls too. So if you like her, definitely show your love to her at her FaceBook page, just click here and show her your love.

And if your reading this hit us up at our Twitter - @PHATMagazine and answer this question...."Does Titz Galure have the biggest titties in Voluptuous XXX, or XXX period?"

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Friday FEB 15th 2013 | By PHATStaff

In 2012, which was one of the best year for voluptuous adult entertainment, we had a bit of an arms race if you will. We saw the emergence of the biggest titties in adult XXX entertainment come with a vengence last year. Enter 2013, we can't possibly think that tits can come any bigger than what we saw last year right....

Wrong...Welcome Titz Galure, a SSBBW contender to the "Biggest Titties in XXX..." debate, and who has been making moves early in 2013.

Titanic Titz Galure's Monster Titties Making Moves!

So what makes her a contender in the conversation of "Biggest Titties in XXX", well look at those titties. They clock in at an Mind-Blowin 46 O CUP, Yes, that's not a typo...a fucking "O" cup. Her bra cups runneth over...they runneth over like a son-of-a-bitch!!! So massive, and heavy. So much in fact that she made an appeareance in DivineBreasts.com. But it seems she isn't set to be a one trick, or in this case two trick - two big ol' tricks starlet. She has quickly made the move to XXX. She has been featured on BustyBabyDolls.com this week where she discusses her monstrous mammary glands. And we know once they appear on BustyBabyDolls, a XXX scene is soon to follow. And I am interested in seeing Titz Galure do her thing. But, for those who have seen these titties and want to see her in XXX action now...have no fear. The good folks of BBWHighway.com have got you covered. They have recently released to us her debut XXX trailer...and if you thought those titties were a fluke....look underneath this paragraph and become a believer -

Titz Galure ready to make a gigantic impact on the industry.
Titz Galure showcasing her fellatio, tittyfucking, and doggystyle ability over at BBWHighway.com
This interview with Titz Galure at BustyBabyDolls.com makes has us anxious to see her XXX scene with them. Go there , join, and check it out.