Charlene Ward Makes Big Time Debut on

By PHATStaff April 30, 2016


Over the past 10 years, voluptuous adult entertainment has drastically grown from genre of mockery and outcast, to now becoming one of the most prominent and fastest growing genre in all Adult Entertainment. This New collective of voluptuous adult actresses within the genre that is appearing has given this new era a breath of fresh air while showcasing and building upon a long known truth...that voluptuous women is the new standard of excellence in both intensity and action in adult entertainment; and Texas Native, Charlene Ward, in her amazing debut scene from PlumperPass, entitled "Consoling Charlene" has proven that fact absolutely!

Powerful words for a debut scene? Then you simply haven't seen this woman in action. From the start of the scene - when we see Charlene Ward for the first time...she brings an energy to the scene that is powerful and commanding. It just intrigues you and makes you want to watch her...and keep in mind this is still the first few minutes of the scene and she still has her clothes on, lol. And the more you watch, the more you fall into the trance - of Charlene Ward. Could it be her super thickness that covers this entire woman in just the right proportions? Could it be the dark eyes that suck you into a state of hypnosis (Geez we love this woman's eyes) ? Could it be the large titties with the most full thick and super hard nipples that just beg to be sucked through the screen? Or could it be the energy that Charlene Ward gives up as soon as the dick enters her lips of her mouth and, throughout the intense fucking that Charlene Ward genuinely enjoys and loves?

Our best answer is - its all of the above...and more.

Charlene Ward delivers an incredible performance which triggers more than lust, sex, but also triggers that emotion of eroticism through out it all. Her moans and screams as she receives dick are almost like the perfect soundtrack to her intense fucking that she is receiving. And why is she getting fucked so intensely, because obviously co-star JB Rodeo is feeding off of her energy too. They way she absorbs the fucking (yes we said "absorbs" the fucking) is just simply incredible. You see that she loves the sex she is receiving, she is purely ecstatic and happy.

This is just an awesome fucking scene from Charlene Ward...simply awesome. This woman is something special. And leave it to PlumperPass to select nothing but the best in this new era of ultimate volupltuous adult entertainers....and we can go on and on, but we will save that for a possible review.

Right now, all you need to know is that Charlene Ward is the real. Head over to PlumperPass now, BUY A SUBSCRIPTION, and thank us later. Be sure to show your love to Charlene Ward personally at her Twitter. And head over to her Clips4Sale and website and witness more of this woman. As her website and Clips4Sale page will show you, and we are assuming this...but Charlene Ward was built for this industry.